Goat meat, or Chevon as it is sometimes called, is part of the diet of a large part of the world's population. It is the standard fare for Middle Eastern, African, Caribbean and Latino cultures. Goat meat has been part of the global culinary experience dating to the beginning of the domestication of livestock. Goats were raised by early settlers in the 17th-century America for both food and milk, but with a seemingly endless supply of rangeland, cattle took over because they yielded more meat.
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Our goats are grass-fed with mineral supplements.  We do not inject any of our goats with unnecessary medication. We raise them with a herd-mentality on multiple rotating pastures, giving them a free-range natural life, instead of a feed-lot life.

We have also incorporated the use of ducks in the pastures to help deal with any parasites that are naturally found in pastures, by doing this we can keep medications and chemicals out of the goats and out of the fields.