Pleasant Home Farm LLC
Like many self-sustaining farms in the early 1900's, my great-grandfather and his family raised dairy cows, chickens, and reaped the harvest of a vast vegetable garden. As a 21st-century family, we continue to carry on that tradition and desire to share the wisdom and bounty with you.

Here at Pleasant Home Farms, LLC, we strive to raise our animals ethically, without antibiotics or chemicals. All of the animals graze on natural, non-chemically fertilized pastures. The animals that need supplemental feed are fed certified organic or natural feed.
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Happy Customers

Quality food, and all around great place.I have eaten and enjoyed most the meats that are produced from pleasant farms, I have spend time on the farm itself very clean, all the animals are well taken care of, and fed all natural organic feeds, and grazing from all natural pastures....I am a Big Fan, love the

Wayne D